Rio Ferdinand Meets Our Girls’ Football Team11-12-2018 | 17:16:21 | No Comments

This morning, our girls’ football team and Mr Ball were invited to Stanley Park for the official opening of the new 3G astroturf pitches. The girls were chosen, along with St John’s Primary School and Park Academy, to receive some coaching and play some games against each other. The highlight of the day was getting the chance to meet former Manchester United and England legend Rio Ferdinand. 

His visit was brief but he managed to squeeze in time to have a picture with all of the schools and speak to the local press. Many thanks to Rio and Blackpool Sport for the invitation.

TT Rockstars Week 607-12-2018 | 16:56:35 | No Comments

Three-quarters of the way through the half term and we have had the most correct answers ever this week on TT Rockstars!

Congratulations to 6B, 5D (narrowly), 4F, 3H and 2J, who are all band winners this week. Altogether, our Bispham family scored 246,073 correct answers, which now takes our autumn school total to just over 1 million !

Keep rocking on Bispham and keep collecting the certificates for your rock speed.

Rock Hero = Less than 1 second per question

Rock Legend = Less than 2 seconds per question

Rock Star = Less than 3 seconds per question

Our Christmas Enterprise30-11-2018 | 11:07:14 | No Comments



We have been busy creating our Christmas enterprise. Can’t wait for the Christmas fair tonight !

Our Letters Home30-11-2018 | 10:51:17 | 2 Comments

This week, Year 6 have been writing letters (as Michael from Kensuke’s Kingdom) back home to send help to get him off the island.

We have focused on subordinate clauses this week, which are parts of sentences which may use a subordinating conjunction at the beginning. For example, if, when, because.

We used the acronym: I SAW A WABUB to help us remembers some subordinating conjunctions in our work. – more information is available at this site for work on clauses and you can also use your revision guides at home.

Can you hear any examples of subordinate clauses, which are read aloud by our excellent pupils? The password is ‘6a’


TT Rockstars Week 530-11-2018 | 07:09:54 | No Comments

Huge congratulations to 6B, 5C 4F, 3H and 2J who are our band winners in this week’s battle!

177,590 correct answers from everybody this week.

A special mention to 2J, who have been rocking hard and one of their class is now a Rock Star (answering questions in under 3 seconds!)

Fairtrade group 2018-1926-11-2018 | 19:55:54 | No Comments

We would like to introduce our Fairtrade group. We have already had a couple of meetings and our next task is to sell Fairtrade Gingerbread at the Christmas fair. All money raised will go to the Fairtrade Foundation.

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Arnold26-11-2018 | 16:03:31 | No Comments

This afternoon we had 3 special visitors to Reception . Natasha came with her training dog, Rex, and our school dog, Arnold. Natasha is a dog trainer. She told us how to stroke dogs. We must stroke with a flat hand from head to tail. We don’t pat dogs as this could hurt them. We bend down to talk to dogs and always approach from the front.

We practised on Rex the toy dog and then got to stroke Arnold.

Arnold was really well behaved and enjoyed his time with Reception.

Natasha is going to come back to talk to us about how we tell if a dog is happy or sad.

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Ages and Stages of Speech Development in Children26-11-2018 | 11:36:00 | No Comments

If you have any concerns or questions about how children learn how to speak and how we as adults can help, please see some fantastic resources on the links below…

The Community Trust Logo

Click on the link to view a clear poster which helps us see what to expect at different ages and stages of speech development.

More detail about birth to five is here…

If you have any questions please speak to your child’s class teacher or visit your health centre to discuss further.

Miss Haslam

TT Rock Stars Week 423-11-2018 | 07:21:49 | No Comments

Bispham Endowed pupils have been rocking on TT Rock Stars this week, amassing just under a quarter of a million correct answers!

6B and 4F scored the majority of the 238,000 correct answers – so well done for your scores. The next battle commences on Saturday morning at 8 a.m. so get prepared for more rocking and let’s see if we can reach 250,000 next week.

Learning about volume and capacity.16-11-2018 | 11:18:53 | No Comments

This week year one have been learning about volume and capacity.

We have been using magic potions to do this.

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