South African Visitors19-07-2017 | 14:07:30 | No Comments

It was wonderful to have some South African guests in school today! The South African visitors are Kgosi and his wife Sandra, from St Margaret’s Anglican Church, Bloemfontein; Isaac, from Holy Cross Anglican Church, Bloemfontein Township; Tlagu (pronounced Clar hou), a member of the cathedral congregation and lay ministry team and Thapelo, the Diocesan Youth Officer and member of St Peters Church, Rocklands.

Kgosi, Sandra and Tlagu joined us at our Junior Leavers Service teaching us a song about ‘Holding onto Jesus.’ This afternoon Thapelo and Isaac spent time with the ‘Values Group,’ sharing about their faith and life in South Africa.

Thapelo brought his drum and the children loved learning some new beats. What a great experience!

Junior Road Safety Observers! Monday 17th July 201717-07-2017 | 11:17:03 | No Comments

This morning the JRSOs went out onto Devonshire Road to monitor the speed of travelling cars using the speed radar gun alongside three members of the Lancashire Road Safety Team.

We were delighted to find that MOST drivers stuck to the 30 mph speed limit.

Only  two drivers were asked to pull in who were recorded at travelling at 35mph or more.

Only a police officer is legally allowed to do this. However we were able to listen to what was said as the PC reminded drivers of the speed limit and the importance of safe travel on the roads.


More photos to follow…


Link to Radio Wave14-07-2017 | 14:31:58 | No Comments

Children from Bispham Endowed Primary are burying a time capsule at Crossley's Bridge on Plymouth Road.

Posted by Radio Wave on Friday, 14 July 2017

Time Capsule at Plymouth Road Bridge14-07-2017 | 14:30:46 | No Comments

This afternoon the School Council have been to Plymouth Road Bridge to bury the time capsule.

This will be unearthed in 50 years time! Look and listen out for us on Radio Wave!!

Have a look at the photographs we took today


Lancashire Thunder Visit School07-07-2017 | 14:50:47 | No Comments

This week, Kate Cross (a Lancashire Thunder and England cricketer) came to visit our school alongside Jordan, her coach. She told us all how she got into cricket and how the children can get into cricket too.

Lancashire Thunder are the professional ladies team and represent the whole county, playing at Old Trafford Cricket Ground. Kate stayed behind and coached the Year 3 children some basic cricket skills.

They are playing the Kia Super League the summer and one game is to be played at Stanley Park on Sunday 20th August. Children can watch for as little as £1!

Mrs Gray’s Tree21-05-2017 | 20:18:38 | No Comments

Mrs Gray’s tree is now one year old!  We are all enjoying watching it grow and change and are very glad that Mrs Gray comes in to see us all and help out on a regular basis.

Year 2 Sunflowers12-05-2017 | 14:56:28 | No Comments

Summer is in the air, and Year 2 are enjoying our Art topic – Sunflowers!

We’ve been sketching, drawing and painting. Look at our fantastic efforts…


Gazette Web Links01-05-2017 | 18:46:08 | 1 Comment



Bispham Endowed has been in the news this week! Take a look at these articles from the Gazette online. Firstly, a lovely piece about our ‘Paying it Forward’ day on Friday followed by information about pupil absence.


Future Careers Event25-04-2017 | 11:03:19 | No Comments

On Wednesday 29th March, some of our year 6 children attended an event at Blackpool Winter Gardens. The event provided our children with the opportunity to meet volunteers from a range of occupations and was organised with ‘promoting the future careers of young people’ in mind. The children really enjoyed the range of activities as well as looking around the many stalls there too.
In May, Bispham Endowed will be hosting a careers day in school, where the upper junior children will be able to meet a selection of volunteers and ask them about their jobs. We are looking forward to this exciting event!

Outdoor Week inspired art05-04-2017 | 08:29:25 | No Comments

Well done to our very talented Year 3 artist who was so inspired by all the fun she had with her class in Outdoor Learning Week, she created this wonderful painting.

Well done.

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