End of Autumn Celebration Assembly22-12-2016 | 10:44:54 | No Comments

A busy Autumn term came to a close today with our celebration assembly.

Foundation Stage showed us all of their lovely crafts they made and their Christmas party.

Year 1 told us some fabulous Christmas stories.


Year 2 showed us some disgusting mouldy bread they had been experimenting on in Science.Y2

Year 3 showed us their volcanoes and stories about The Iron Man.Y3Y3a

Year 4 sang us their favourite song from their performance.


Year 5 made our mouths water with their biscuit designs.


Year 6 celebrated their Christmas crafts of Rudolph mobiles.


Finally, the junior leadership team was unveiled. Well done to the 8 children who have been selected to help school run better.

Junior leadership

Volcano Eruptions!16-12-2016 | 14:24:06 | No Comments






P1030680 from Lisa Daniels on Vimeo.

This week in Year 3, we have been creating our own volcanoes using papier mache and Diet Coke. We then painted and sculpted the volcano as a group. Following this, we added Mentos mints to the mix to see what would happen! Take a look at our results!


This brings an end to our Extreme Earth topic for Geography topic and our Rocks topic in Science Рa lovely overlapping of the curriculum.

P1030633 from Adam Ball on Vimeo.

P1030634 from Adam Ball on Vimeo.

P1030632 from Adam Ball on Vimeo.

BEPS Mannequin Challenge06-12-2016 | 16:29:30 | No Comments

A few weeks ago, for Children in Need, the whole school was challenged to – and got involved in – the latest Mannequin Challenge craze. Take a look at out effort and see who produces the best pose!

BEPS Mannequin Challenge 1 from Adam Ball on Vimeo.

BEPS Mannequin Challenge 2 from Adam Ball on Vimeo.

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