South African Visitors19-07-2017 | 14:07:30 | No Comments

It was wonderful to have some South African guests in school today! The South African visitors are Kgosi and his wife Sandra, from St Margaret’s Anglican Church, Bloemfontein; Isaac, from Holy Cross Anglican Church, Bloemfontein Township; Tlagu (pronounced Clar hou), a member of the cathedral congregation and lay ministry team and Thapelo, the Diocesan Youth Officer and member of St Peters Church, Rocklands.

Kgosi, Sandra and Tlagu joined us at our Junior Leavers Service teaching us a song about ‘Holding onto Jesus.’ This afternoon Thapelo and Isaac spent time with the ‘Values Group,’ sharing about their faith and life in South Africa.

Thapelo brought his drum and the children loved learning some new beats. What a great experience!

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