Roald Dahl Day in Year 313-09-2017 | 13:27:28 | No Comments

This afternoon, Year 3 watched the interactive Puffin Virtually Live broadcast, which celebrates Roald Dahl Day. This has been enjoyed live with thousands of school children up and down the country.

We found out which character we were most like, learnt a little bit about his new book Billy and the Minpins, and Quentin Blake showed us some of his drawings from the book. We even got to draw a hornswoggler live along with Quentin Blake.

One of the strangest facts was that Roald Dahl had a hip operation and the surgeon gave him the hip bone to keep! He then kept the hip bone in his writing hut at home! Amazing.

If you want to find out anymore or watch some of the broadcast back, click this link:


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