Royal Ballet in Year 319-09-2017 | 06:40:50 | 6 Comments

Mr Bell and Mr Hague will be with us each Monday morning for the next 6 weeks teaching us skills direct from the Royal Ballet School in London. This partnership has been in effect for over 10 years and we are part of only 30 schools around the whole country who get to experience this programme.

We are incorporating our Science topic into our ballet sessions looking at the skeleton and how the body moves.

On Thursday 5th October, we will be taking the children to the Globe Theatre to watch students from the Royal Ballet School perform a demonstration of their skills.

On our 6th session, we will be inviting all parents and carers to come into school and see the final product of our work.

6 Responses to “Royal Ballet in Year 3”

  1. I love ballet.

  2. I like ballet and doing about stone age.

  3. I like ballet and doing stone age

  4. I like ballet because it is really fun.

  5. I really enjoyed the ballet lessons. I hope everyone else enjoyed them too 🙂


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