Give Us a B-E-P-S!24-11-2017 | 13:46:22 | No Comments

Our generous PTFA have donated a banner to school for us to take out on trips, football games and other outings.

This shows our school logo and boasts the red and blue of Bispham Endowed.

The first outing will be with choir at tonight’s Christmas Fair at Bounce Play Park. The girls’ football team will also take it to Stanley Park next week.

We also wish to that all children and parents who brought in a bottle for today’s non-uniform day.

Arnold takes the assembly22-11-2017 | 11:07:48 | No Comments

I thought that I would pop into the Year One assembly and talk to the children about the things that I have been up to.

Arnold’s first birthday19-11-2017 | 18:05:42 | 1 Comment

It was my birthday on the 25th October. I had a little party with all my Friends at Stanah Park.


Daisy and Toby Gorman, Baxter Ollie and Benji and Darcey Hartley. Here we are having a super time.

I tried to keep up with them but they were just too fast for me.

We all had party bags and Toby couldn’t wait to open his.

Everyone loved their little treat.

When I got home I was absolutely exhausted. I was so tired I couldn’t even manage to get both of my legs onto the sofa.

The next day I woke up to a lovely cup of Earl Grey tea.

 I had a lovely bath and washed my hair and had a trip to the groomers.

Someone bought me some socks so I thought I’d try them on.

Oh and I forgot to show you this one. The reason why I needed a bath was all down to Toby and Daisy. They told me to jump into the water, they said it wasn’t deep and I would just get my paws wet. That turned out to be not quite true. That’s the last time I listen to them.

Arnold is ready for reading17-11-2017 | 16:30:57 | No Comments

I have been loving listening to the children read. I like nothing better on an afternoon than chilling out with my new class mates and hearing them read to me.                         I wish I could read it looks like so much fun.

Sumdog Blackpool Maths Contest17-11-2017 | 15:03:03 | No Comments

From today (Friday) until Thursday 23rd November, we are taking part in the Blackpool Sumdog Maths Contest. We are encouraging our children to log on to their Sumdog accounts and use them at school and at home. Last year, 6A won the competition and we want one of our classes to be top of the league again this year.

Each child can log on at home and play a range of games answering mathematical questions. The more questions we answer and the more we get correct, the higher our place in the league. So please download the app on Apple or Android and do Bispham Endowed proud!


Christmas Shopping Starts Early15-11-2017 | 21:27:49 | No Comments

Getting ahead on your Christmas shopping – The Smile Center in school has become a surprise ‘pop-up’ shop for children to come and buy presents for loved ones at home. Mrs Beatty and her helpers have done a fantastic job making these wonderful gifts up and helping the little ones pick!

Owzat!!13-11-2017 | 15:58:38 | No Comments

Danny Gilbert from Lancashire Cricket Club kindly visited the school to pass on his expert tuition to an enthusiastic Year 5. We practised bowling, batting, catching and scoring runs. A super morning was enjoyed by all. Anything else just wouldn’t have been cricket!

Life Education Team09-11-2017 | 10:40:45 | No Comments

This week, the Life Education Team have been based in school talking about a range of life skills with all classes in school. The children have spent an hour in the Life Education Bus with Karen Bowes, and discussed issues like looking after our bodies, caring for our brain and healthy eating. The children have been asking lots of excellent questions and giving very mature answers to these themes.

Here, Year 3 are discussing parts of the body and the functions that they do. We also discussed what may help our bodies (like exercise) and what may harm our bodies (such as smoking).

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