Arnold’s first birthday19-11-2017 | 18:05:42 | 1 Comment

It was my birthday on the 25th October. I had a little party with all my Friends at Stanah Park.


Daisy and Toby Gorman, Baxter Ollie and Benji and Darcey Hartley. Here we are having a super time.

I tried to keep up with them but they were just too fast for me.

We all had party bags and Toby couldn’t wait to open his.

Everyone loved their little treat.

When I got home I was absolutely exhausted. I was so tired I couldn’t even manage to get both of my legs onto the sofa.

The next day I woke up to a lovely cup of Earl Grey tea.

 I had a lovely bath and washed my hair and had a trip to the groomers.

Someone bought me some socks so I thought I’d try them on.

Oh and I forgot to show you this one. The reason why I needed a bath was all down to Toby and Daisy. They told me to jump into the water, they said it wasn’t deep and I would just get my paws wet. That turned out to be not quite true. That’s the last time I listen to them.

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  1. I wish i could stroke Arnold i loved doing wrriting about him

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