Erupting Volcanoes!15-12-2017 | 14:39:43 | No Comments

Today in Year 3, we erupted the volcanoes that we have been making over the past week.

We dropped a special ingredient into the volcano and it erupted all over us! Can you listen out for any volcanic vocabulary?

P1040858 from Adam Ball on Vimeo.

P1040857 from Adam Ball on Vimeo.

P1040856 from Adam Ball on Vimeo.

P1040854 from Adam Ball on Vimeo.

P1040851 from Adam Ball on Vimeo.

P1040850 from Adam Ball on Vimeo.

Just a little nap!13-12-2017 | 11:48:05 | No Comments

I loved listening to Addison reading, so much so, I just shut my eyes listening to his lovely reading, it was very relaxing. I will have to be careful not to fall off the sofa though.

A visit from Brian Bird13-12-2017 | 11:44:49 | No Comments

We loved hearing about how Brian thought of his wonderful story ideas. We asked him lots of questions and loved hearing about the aliens.

Year 1 in “Lights Camel Action.”13-12-2017 | 11:39:31 | No Comments

We really loved performing in our play. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Year 1 go to the pantomime13-12-2017 | 11:35:49 | No Comments

Year 1 had a lovely time at the pantomime on Friday. we went to watch Beauty and the Beast.

Mrs Hartley really loved getting on stage. We thought it was funny!

School council Christmas trip to Glen Tanar residential home12-12-2017 | 15:04:18 | 1 Comment

On Tuesday 12th December the school council delivered Christmas cards and gifts to the residents of Glen Tanar residential home.

The children gave gifts of handmade cards and chocolates. The children then performed Christmas songs for the residents. As always the residents and staff at Glen Tanar residential home made the children feel very welcome, and gave the children Christmas gifts.



Values Group Trip to Sainsbury’s08-12-2017 | 16:16:29 | No Comments

The Values Group have had a busy day! Not only did they run a Bake Sale in the morning but this afternoon they were invited down to Sainsbury’s, Red Bank Road, to visit the bakery. The bakery manager, Becky, organised a terrific afternoon of Christmas activities. We based giraffe breads, decoarted ginger bread men, decided what to call the store Elf and wrote festive messages for the store aisles.

Store Manager, Nathan, came along and judged our competitions! We then all received a goody bag to take home.

Mrs Daniels was so proud of the children who came along. They represented our school superbly.

Bake Sale for Morafe School, South Africa08-12-2017 | 16:05:37 | No Comments

Today the Values Group held a Bake Sale to help raise money for Morafe School in South Africa. The children were asked to bring along 20p to buy either a cake or a biscuit. It was a brilliant morning and Mrs Daniels would like to thank the Values Group for organising and running the sale. We made over £82 which is fantastic! We’d like to thank all the boys and girls who came along to the sale and the parents/carers who donated the yummy biscuits and cakes.

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