30 ‘Free’ Hours Nursery Provision29-01-2018 | 13:50:58 | No Comments

Click on the link below to check whether you are eligible for 30 free hours.

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FYI Directory29-01-2018 | 13:45:02 | No Comments

This is a great link to a website which contains lots of activities for families in Blackpool.



Reading Competition Years 1-6 (and teachers). KEEP READING EVERYONE!!29-01-2018 | 13:41:34 | No Comments

Please remember you have two days left to add anymore books onto your lists in class.

Miss Haslam has been checking the lists today and they are looking good.Image result for check

One prize per year group will be announced in February.

Thanks to Bispham Buddies for offering to pay for prizes.

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Trying out our number skills29-01-2018 | 11:58:51 | No Comments

Year 1 have been busy with the Numicon this week. We are so good at it now.

A busy morning in 2J29-01-2018 | 11:44:18 | No Comments

We’ve been very busy again. This morning we have been looking at arrays – what they are (as some of us had forgotten!) and how we use them with our times-tables and problem-solving.

In English we’ve been busy researching animals using iPads and information sheets. There are some strange facts! Take¬†a look at our initial research…

Next lesson we are going to write our own fact file.


Year 3 Egyptian Day24-01-2018 | 16:46:07 | No Comments

What a magnificent day in school – sorry – we mean the Great Pyramid of Bispham!

We have immersed the children in Ancient Egyptian life by writing instructions on how to make a mummy, followed by actually making mummies!

P1040948 from Adam Ball on Vimeo.

P1040943 from Adam Ball on Vimeo.

P1040938 from Adam Ball on Vimeo.

We also created cartouches (which were the tables used on Pharaoh’s tombs), canopic jars (which Pharaoh’s livers, intestines, lungs and stomach were kept for the afterlife) and painted the mask of Tutankhamun – Egypt’s most famous Pharaoh.

Both Pharaoh Ball and Pharaoh Daniels made sure the slaves worked extremely hard! It has been a pleasure to see so many children doing their own research at home and sharing it in class.

Year 3 Egyptian Day 2018 from Adam Ball on Vimeo.

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