JRSO Performance Auditions01-03-2018 | 13:50:28 | 4 Comments

If you have signed up on the sheets in the hall, auditions for the JRSO’S ’30mph or Less’ performance will be held in 2J from 12:30 on Wednesday 7th March. Finish your lunch then meet us there!!

Winners will be announced next Friday (9th March) and then they will perform on Friday 16th March in assembly.

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4 Responses to “JRSO Performance Auditions”

  1. I’m very exited to audition whith Megan b and molly m and to see all of the other people

  2. I’m so excited to see all the people and I am excited to audition with Megan b and molly m

  3. I am happy that me and Ellie won the competition.

  4. im so happy we won

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