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On Wednesday 27th June, Mr Ball and Mr Latham took three of our Year 5 students to Bolton to take part in the Times Tables Rock Stars Wrangle!

This special competition was for 3 children who had performed well in our TTRS games and activities, which we regularly complete in school. They played against 50 other schools, each bringing 3 children with them in a huge competition.

We learned that a ‘Wrangler’ is someone who graduates with a 1st in Maths from Cambridge and this is where the competition name came from.

We took part in Woodstock (a maths quiz), had a green screen photo shoot with wigs and props and finally a qualifying round on the computers being tested on all the times tables. The top 16 of the 150 competitors would later face off in a quarter final, live in front of everybody.

Unfortunately, our girls did not reach the quarter finals but on average they scored 350 times tables questions correctly! This works out around 1.5 – 2 seconds per question – very rapid!

The winners were Chorley St James Primary School and they got to ride in a helicopter as their prize! Wow!

To practice Times Table Rock Stars at home, simply click on the link and the children will know their login details. They could one day be attending a Rock Star Wrangle! www.ttrockstars.com



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